Run For Ribbons 2017

Team Awesome

Each year I find myself entering an event of some kind to raise money for cancer. It started out with Relay for Life in 8th grade, Kennwick, then Pullman, then Hawaii, but last year I stumbled upon Race for Ribbons. Being 4ish months pregnant, I was looking for races to do while I could still run. Kalani and I particpated in 2016, and drug along my sister Jen to run for Mom. Over the years, I feel like there is more and more reasons to particiapate, someone else to run for. My family and friends has been heavily effected by cancer and it just seems never ending. These days, I dont think a single person can say they havn't been effected one way or another.  

I knew as the time came, there was no doubt I would be running it again this year... An then I got another reason to run.. and another and another... This by far has been a year for the record books, and its not in a good way. My mom has battled yet another battle, and a good family friend is fighting the fight. Then... a week after my birthday I get news of another. By far the closest to me after my mom, and the news was grim. Its been a tough year but even tougher two weeks but I will keep helping this fight the best way I now how, and that is to raise money. 

Join my team so we can go have fun, laugh, get our workout on, but most importantly, we can honor those who have faught it, cheer on those who are battling it and remember those who lost to it. 

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